PrairieWind Productions

An Alberta Portfolio Film, Equine Health and Bed and Bale Company

PrairieWind Productions

An Alberta Portfolio Film, Equine Health and Bed and Bale Company

Who we are!

COVID 19 UPDATE:  We are allowed to work on your Equines with your permission, social distancing and bio security protocols.  Call us to receive Christmas Discounts for Covid, $75.00 for Massage, Craniosacral Animal Neuro-Myofascial Therapy (ANMR) and Ktaping.


CONGRATULATIONS! To my clients who have been awarded the Holistic Animal Studies Scholarship!  We are proud to support Equine and Animal Bodywork education through this amazing education at

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PrairieWind Productions is a portfolio film company that re-creates true Alberta stories, provides equine massage and Bed and Bale.   Our featured stars include, "Ebony", Gregory Cas Anderson, TJ Anderson and many others.  Keep visiting our site to learn more about our film, Equine massage therapy and health. Join us at PrairieWind Farm during Calgary Stampede.  Don't forget to bring your horses, dogs and kids!  Download the Free App" Barn and Bale" to find PrairieWind Productions and other great human and horse places to stay all over North America!


Equine Massage and Cranosacral Therapy, Kinesiology Taping and More!

Whether you are a competitive rider or just a pleasure rider, your horses health is paramount.  Equine Massage and Cranosacral Therapies can keep your horse healthy, relieve pain and increase circulation.  Equine Kinesiology Taping is also a great way to decrease pain and obliviate scars.  We also offer CMS (Core Muscle Stimulation) to keep your horses in tip top shape.   Neuro-Myofacial Release Therapy can move the soft tissue so that you horses, dogs and cats can let their bodies reset themselves.

Be the best to your horse, and you will be the best!

'Rusty" Before and After Massage, Craniosacral, ANMR and Kinesiolgy Taping

MARGOT ANDERSON WAS PERSONALLY TRAINED BY DR. ANGELIQUE BARBARA, DC, and is one of three Diamond Level Practitioners in the world. Recognized by IIAMB and AEF


I retired and reinvented myself as a film producer as well as providing equine and human talent to other film companies. Keeping my horses healthy and happy at home and on set led me down the path in Equine Sciences and I became a Certified Equine Massage, Neuro-Myofascial and Cranioscral Therapist, Equine Kinesiology Taping Practitioner through Angels Animals  Now my company PrairieWind Productions is a Portfolio company, and I am now exending my love for helping horses feel good and be healthy to include helping  Equestrians in Okotoks and surrounding area. I also discovered a need for travellers with horses and family to have a safe enviornment to park trailers and pasture horses, so I hope you check out our facilities on the free app, Bed and Bale or contact me to enjoy outstanding Alberta hospitality while travelling with your horses.

True love was born in a stable!

Equine Health and Performance

We can help your horse gain strength, get in better shape, decrease pain and improve  concentration and mental performance.

Contact me for a free consultation and learn exactly how I will give you the personalised program and ongoing therapy that your horse needs.

So are you ready to get your horse in the shape of it's life, physically and mentally?

Then we're ready to heal you all the way!


Property of Lori Stahl on 'Snoop', Champion Barrel Racer in many Events