PrairieWind Productions

An Alberta Portfolio Film, Equine Health and Bed and Bale Company

PrairieWind Productions

An Alberta Portfolio Film, Equine Health and Bed and Bale Company



Calgary Stampede 2020 breakfasts or lunches. Tired of the same ole bar? Why not take your staff to enjoy real Alberta hospitality on the farm with country music, traditional pulled beef, spirits and horse pulled rides, so their whole families can get a taste of the final frontier?  Please email or call for quote.

"Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children"           -Charles R. Swindoll

Bed and Bale - Bring your horses, dogs and kids!

Bring your horses!  We offer:

Private Bed and Bath     100.00/night      

Park and Stay                    40.00/night     

Stalls                                    40.00/night      

Pasture                                20.00/night    

SERVICES -Certified Diamond Level Practitioner  IIAMB, AEF

RMT Massage Therapy          100.00/hr

Equine Massage                       100.00/hr

Craniosacral                            100.00/Flat Rate

Neuro-Myofacial Release     100.00

Kinesiology Taping                 20.00 per tape

CMS                                             30.00

Animal Reiki                              20.00



Thank you for your patience!

We are awaiting approval to upload Cast Members pictures and bio's.


Equine Massage Therapy is growing in its reputation for pain relief, core muscle stimulation and keeping your horse healthy for day to day riding and for  post trauma rehabilitation.  Be sure to give your horse the benefits of Equine Massage Therapy


On the road for compeition?  Or maybe you are travelling with your horse and family and need and need a rest stop?  Either way we offer park and stay trailer and horse accommodations.  You can pasture or stall your horse, stay in your trailer or stay in a huge farmhouse bedroom with private bath.  Take advatange of our Equine and human massage therapy services!    We are 30 minutes from the Calgary Stampede grounds, 15 minutes from Spruce Meadows and close to all local Rodeos!


We're available to travel to you in Okotoks and surrounding area.   Equine Massage Therapy. Neuro-Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy is $100.00.  Kinesiology Taping is $20.00 per taping including follow-up.



Our horses are available for film and documentaries.  All transportation, Biosecurity, Nutrition, and Equine Massage Therapy is provided during the use of of horses.


Film Sets    $800.00/hour


Pictures coming soon!  Book our mild mannered Clydes for parties, weddings, parades, or just for a fun outing with the family!

$400.00/hr-minimum 2 hours

On Set, during Competition and just pleasure riding, we provide the optimal best care for all equines.

Equine Massage Therapy

• Free Consultation

• Personalised Program

• Ongoing Monitoring

Bed, Barn and Pasture

• Clean and comfortable environment

• Personalised attention

• Alberta Hospitality

On Set

• Transportation

• Biosecurity, Nutrition

• Equine Massage Therapy